Curriculum that prepares

ADULTS to follow Christ daily

With Radiant Life Adult

you’ll see just how simple it is to introduce your students to the life-altering power of God’s Word every time you meet. Designed with easy-to-follow lesson formats and practical applications, your class will get the chance to be deeply engaged in Scripture.

Adults: Ages 18 and older

Scope and sequence: 7 years

Make your class feel like they’re part of the lesson with engaging discussions. When students get to participate and bounce ideas off of each other, they're more likely to remember and apply what they've learned.

  • Covers the entire Bible over the 7-year scope and sequence
  • Includes PowerPoint slides to illustrate the lessons
  • Includes unit intro videos to build excitement for upcoming lessons
  • Memory verses chosen intentionally for the age group
  • Specialty holiday emphases: Christmas, Easter, and Pentecost
  • Guide includes special training pages to equip teachers
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Supplemental Videos

Use the videos below when indicated in the Adult Teacher Guide to provide supplemental material for selected lessons.

Summer 2024 Unit 1: Lesson 1
Summer 2024 Unit 2: Lesson 8
Spring 2024 Unit 1: Lesson 2
Spring 2024 Unit 2: Lesson 9

Lesson PowerPoint Presentations

Use PowerPoint presentations in your lessons to connect across learning styles.

Summer 2024 Unit 1: (Lessons 1-7)
Summer 2024 Unit 2: (Lessons 8-13)
Spring 2024 Unit 1: (Lessons 1-7)
Spring 2024 Unit 2: (Lessons 8-13)

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