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Does your discipleship ministry struggle to engage people?

  • Is it time to develop a better discipleship ministry?
  • Does your ministry have trouble getting and keeping volunteers?
  • Are you facing low attendance in your discipleship classes?
  • Do you need a Bible degree just to understand your curriculum?
  • Looking for a curriculum that's easier to teach?
  • Do you want a discipleship program people are excited about?

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Your discipleship ministry shouldn't frustrate you!

As a leader, you want a discipleship ministry that changes lives by engaging people in the Bible. You want to see your teachers invested in planning and teaching their classes, and students of all ages excited to show up and participate.

But how do you accomplish that when you don't have a curriculum that engages students no matter how experienced your teachers are?

Here's how it works

Order your curriculum
Order your curriculum
Build a thriving Sunday school
Build a thriving Sunday school
Change your students' lives
Change your students' lives

What are people saying about Radiant Life?

With Radiant Life Curriculum, your discipleship ministry will...

  • Engage every age group in the Bible
  • Create community in your church
  • Change people's lives by connecting them to Christ

How to choose a Sunday School curriculum

Sort through your curriculum options with this checklist to find the right choice for your ministry.